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The Black Men & Boys Initiative was created to address the plight of African American men in Louisiana. Projects are developed to educate, train and create safe spaces & opportunities for community building and economic development.


To learn more about becoming a member in Louisiana please email: 


State of Black Men & Boys (NOLA)

The following set of topic “Briefs” were developed to paint the 21st Century picture of inequities and disparities Black Men and Boys face in New Orleans. Through the use of objective research and data – these shocking Briefs painfully outline the often-deplorable conditions and environments in which many Black males are currently entrenched.  

We Dream A World

We will create a society with new social and economic realities that inspire ambition and hope among African descendant males and accommodate the pursuit and realization of their dreams. We will initiate and support efforts that restore aspiration among and create conditions for African descendant males to realize their destiny and contribute greatness to the world. We believe this endeavor advances humanity and increases our collective capacity to heal injustice. 

This is an anti violence multi media project where we will explore creative ways to engage young adults while allowing them to express themselves in unique ways. Produced by legendary New Orleans musician Leroy "Precise" Edwards, The RISE song is a play on the "Self-Destruction" track from the late 80's by New York based Hip Hop stars. 

State Violence InfoGraphic

"The Only Hills in New Orleans are Bridges", The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is a Public Works research and media concept developed to explore repairing local bridges in New Orleans as an economic stimulus and crime reduction strategy.

I am 2025...

2025 BMB Network

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