Movement Podcast Partnership

"Changing the Narrative begins with

your VOICE. Changing the Political Landscape begins with your VOTE." 

Podcast Focusing on Electoral Engagement  & Social Justice

Crescent City Media Group & Project South 

Our ancestors did not only die for the right to vote. They died in a struggle for Freedom: Freedom from discrimination, freedom from violence, and freedom to reach our full potential as human beings. However, throughout our history those who struggled for Freedom understood that exercising our right to vote in local, statewide and national elections is an important part of being involved and engaged in community. Exercising our right to vote requires us to be informed on the issues and candidates that will be on the ballot when we show up to our polling center. It means being prepared to cast a provisional ballot if our name is not listed at our local polling center. And out of respect and reverence to those who have struggled before us, exercising our right to vote means finding ways to stay involved and active in our communities after the election. Let’s imagine the world we want our future generations to inherit, and let that imagination inform how we vote on election day and how we stay involved in our community after the election.