In response to the sustained and increasingly visible violence against Black communities in the U.S. and globally, a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together with renewed energy and purpose to articulate a common vision and agenda.

National Voter Registration Day

Since its founding in 2012, National Voter

Registration Day has grown into a massive

cultural and civic event with nationwide reach.

In 2016, the holiday had more participants and

reached more eligible voters than ever before.

In advance of the first presidential election in 50 years without the full protections of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), the nation has been subject to a resurgence of state and local measures to disenfranchise voters of color. It has been three years since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its shameful ruling in Shelby County v. Holder, which made Section 5 of the VRA inoperable and opened the door to racial discrimination at every juncture of the electoral process...

Tuning In & Turning Out (Common Cause)

This report, released as the nation marks the 45th anniversary of the 26th Amendment, examines the history of voter participation among young adults, particularly students, and ongoing campaigns to increase or depress it. It includes detailed recommendations to increase voter registration by young Americans and turnout by those who’ve registered.

Despite signs of a spike in political interest among the young, a wave of new state laws is threatening to keep millions of Millennial voters, along with citizens of color, seniors and the disabled, from exercising the right to vote. These laws are being advanced almost exclusively by Republican lawmakers,3 breaking with their party’s history of support for voting rights and ballot access. 

Increasing Compliance With Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act

A Briefing Before The United States Commission on Civil Rights Held in Washington, DC

Louisiana is a national leader on the path to automatic voter registration and voting modernization. During tough economic times, the state must make strategic investments in cost-saving voting technology like IPad voting which could save the state $1.65 billion dollars to replace over 10,000 outdated voting machines. HB 599 would further cost savings by allowing for the Secretary of State’s office to work with the Office of Motor Vehicles to implement automatic voter registration...

National Commission on Voting Rights

Voting & Elections Analysis


2025 BMB Network (We Dream A World Report)

We will create a society with new social and economic realities that inspire ambition and hope among African descendant males and accommodate the pursuit and realization of their dreams. We will initiate and support efforts that restore aspiration among and create conditions for African descendant males to realize their destiny and contribute greatness to the world. We believe this endeavor advances humanity and increases our collective capacity to heal injustice.


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State of Black Men & Boys in NOLA

The following set of topic “Briefs” were developed to paint the 21st Century picture of inequities and disparities Black Men and Boys face in New Orleans. Through the use of objective research and data – these shocking Briefs painfully outline the often-deplorable conditions and environments in which many Black males are currently entrenched.  


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